Bronze – Single Room Layout


Work with an experienced Chief Home Designer to bring the room of your aspiration to life.  The BRONZE package is best for design refreshes that need new inspiration.  We re-design around  your current living situation with a few inspiring changes to freshen your room.  Our designer will send you a 3D layout of your room with 2 different ideas for your updated space.

Bronze Single Room example of our work:



We can easily recycle your existing furniture and decor pieces into your new design.  Our designers will ensure your refreshed look, which will feature a combination of your existing furniture and some new handpicked ones, (your choice) will be cohesive and reflect your personal brand persona.  Most importantly affordable to achieve!  We will send 2 versions of  your new design in an actual, shareable, and printable 3D layout, which means you can be absolutely sure of how everything comes together.