Gold – Multi Room Layout


The GOLD MULTI ROOM online interior design experience covers 2 rooms in your home.  Work with an experienced Chief Home Designer to bring the two rooms into a cohesive and adjacent design.  This package is best for collaborating with an experienced designer who can refresh where new inspiration is needed.  We give you choices: re-design around  your current living situation or start from scratch.  Our designer will send you a 3D layout of your rooms with 2 different ideas for your updated space.  If you need more than 2 rooms designed we will work with you on a custom package or shift you up to our PREMIUM package for 5 rooms.

Gold Multi Room example of our work:



We can easily recycle your existing furniture and decor pieces into your new design.  Our designers will ensure your refreshed look, which will feature a combination of your existing furniture and some new handpicked ones, (your choice) will be cohesive and reflect your personal brand persona.  Most importantly affordable to achieve!  We will send 2 versions of  your new design in an actual, shareable, and printable 3D layout, which means you can be absolutely sure of how everything comes together.