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Doodle with Doodles In Digital Advertising

What’s the deal with doodling? If you’re known to scratch and scribble all over your notebooks, you no longer have a reason to be shamed or scolded. Although doodling has commonly been viewed as a sign of inattention or boredom, recent studies have shown the cognitive benefits of doodling — and you might want to bust out your best pen in celebration.

Teachers often criticize a child who doodles in the classroom. Scribbling and doodling in the margins of your notebook were reprimanded earlier. To think about it, images have been processed by humans earlier than writing. Not anymore though. The times are changing. It is now that we are realizing the value of doodling on a professional level. It is available in form of excellent logos, brand images and much more.

There is a growing trend of enhancing the effectiveness of communication through visualization. Indeed, the art of doodling has found new meaning. The changing technological scenario has ushered in a wave of newer means to communicate for business leaders. Doodling is not restricted to the using your artistic skills as an escape mechanism. It has been found that the graphic representation of any message leaves a long-lasting impression on an individual’s mind. 

Organizations are conveniently adapting and acclimatizing to visual communication. Be it content marketing doodles or human figurines for Biology classes, they perform better. It has become the latest widely accepted language for organizations.

Using sketches relying on basic principles of design to explain a concept has overtaken the PowerPoint approach. Although doodling is not understood by many, the perception of its positive benefits has started coming out. Doodling has become popular considering the acclaimed cognitive benefits it accompanies. It helps in managing the emotional hygiene for entrepreneurs, which they usually take for granted.