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    When you redecorate your home consider the color of your walls, home furnishings, and how they affect your skin tone. Apply the same thought you put into the clothes that you wear when considering color decisions about your home. So, in answer to the question is yellow a color that any skin tone can live with? Yes, it is but you have to get the undertone right. We often find ourselves in homes with an abundance of shades of yellow. Because yellow is a difficult color we often shift to shades of Gray. Our Client Upon Arrival The Shift to Shades of Gray THE HIDDEN OFFICE CONTACT US

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    Barcha’s inspiration is drawn from the boundless offerings of the Mediterranean region. They are impassioned by the depth of its diverse cultures, cuisines, and wines. The menu reflects their collective culinary experiences, their favorite dishes, and their best and unique ingredients they can share with their guests. There are hints of Tunisian and North African spices to be the finishing touch on your Barcha experience. BARCHA Restaurant is located at 28 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 415.957.5463 https://barcha-sf.com/ CHIEF HOME DESIGN HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO WORK WITH THE RESTAURANT BARCHA TO REDESIGN, REMODEL , AND UPDATE THE SPACE. FOLLOWING YOU WILL FIND OUR DESIGN WORK AND A FEW FINISHED…

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    The Abstract Nude by Magdalena Martinez

    The pictorial work of Magdalena Martínez Mateos has been shown in congresses of the Mexican Federation of Esperanto around the world and since 2009 she has participated as Director of Cultural Promotion and Commercial Logistics in Pepinho Castillos de Arte México, a cultural platform where she organizes individual and collective pictorial exhibitions in the interior of the country. https://fb.watch/lD3DJeXSG0/. The exhibition “Springs of tremorimiento” by the painter Magdalena Martínez Mateos that is currently presented in the Acolhuac Room of Casa de Cultura Azcapotzalco. Contact with the Artist Magdalena Martínez: magdlnacruzmtz@gmail.com We met Magda on vacation in Mexico City. In the old town of Mexico City we walked through an art…

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    Double Shower for Two

    The extension of one normal size shower was incorporated into an oversized shower by eliminating a tub in this master bathroom. There is one door with two seperate shower stations. Guest Bath Update Walker Zanger Materials CONTACT US

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    Doodle with Doodles In Digital Advertising

    What’s the deal with doodling? If you’re known to scratch and scribble all over your notebooks, you no longer have a reason to be shamed or scolded. Although doodling has commonly been viewed as a sign of inattention or boredom, recent studies have shown the cognitive benefits of doodling — and you might want to bust out your best pen in celebration. Teachers often criticize a child who doodles in the classroom. Scribbling and doodling in the margins of your notebook were reprimanded earlier. To think about it, images have been processed by humans earlier than writing. Not anymore though. The times are changing. It is now that we are…

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    Go Anywhere From Here Campaign for Leavey School of Business

    This place is for the bold. The tenacious. The ambitious. A place to embrace the challenge of transforming ideas into action. Here you’ll collaborate with the most brilliant minds in entrepreneurship, ethics, innovation and theory. And you’ll do it all from the most prolific business environment on earth, Silicon Valley. So, Whether you’re searching for a degree, a program, or certificate. Whether it’s to rise above your peers. Shift a career. Or ignite a vision – from here, you can go anywhere. An Assignment Brief is used to direct brand and product-focused creative executions for advertising, design, marketing, media, promotion, public relations, and social media projects. A Brand Purpose Statement…

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    Build a Brand With Illustrations

    We believe that illustrations tell the brand story. With illustrated elements, disparate pieces of a brand’s identity can coalesce around a shared perspective and identity. Illustrations have a knack for simplifying complex concepts and creating abstract concepts with a familiar approach. They display personality, and help brands tell their unique stories in a cohesive, recognizable, and comical manner. What’s wrong with a little humor? Artwork provides a wonderful departure from the photos we encounter every day. Effective graphics and illustrations don’t just catch the eye. They help tell a story. Define your character’s to tell your story. It’s a fundamentally new way to communicate with your customers. Illustration provides a…

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    How to Layer a Bed

    As summer ends, and we look ahead to the fall and the back to school time period, we’re covering one of our most frequently asked topics: how to put together the coziest of the coziest beds.  It was a question that I was frequently asked by the mothers of my children’s friends after spending the night. Today we’re focusing on the mother of all decorating topics: how to layer a bed.  Specifically, we are focusing on the traditional classic white bed combination.  A good look for every season. We will show you how to do white decorating in a way that looks fresh and inspirational, instead of art gallery–cold or sterile.…

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    Graffiti Expressions

    Graffiti is art that belongs to the world. Cities brand themselves with local Graffiti artists. The art represents a place and circumstance. It is an expression of passion, and they are timeless to the eye of the beholder. Those of us who travel the world appreciate Graffiti from every region. It is the cleanest and most transparent platform of expressive art today. The Women Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. … It shouldn’t be that women are the exception. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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    City Shopping: London

    London has several distinct shopping areas and shopping streets, many of which have their own themes or specialities.  Shopping in London is exciting and varied: from luxury goods in Mayfair to quirky finds in Covent Garden, to large shopping centres such as Westfield and famous London department stores including the likes of Harrods. You can easily spend an hour, an afternoon or a whole day browsing shops in London. Here’s our guide to the best shops in London for your ultimate London shopping experience. Oxford Street The heart of London shopping, bustling Oxford Street has more than 300 shops, designer outlets and landmark stores: here you can find some of…