Full Home Remodel,  Interior Design

The ‘She’ Shed, Built for a woman by a woman.

The Design Process.
Welcome into the She Shed.
The sitting area for breaks and a change of scenery.
Areal View
Designed for a Corner Desk where you can sit or stand while working.
Mirrors enlarge a small room.
Planned space for a generous White Board.

When we began we inherited an old shed full of dry rot that was being used as a storage shed. The shed needed to be completely knocked down. We started from scratch and built from the ground up.

Construction took roughly 4 weeks. We upgraded the electrical, insulated the shed, inlayed cement floors, painted a soft cement gray, added a new front door, and installed an air/heater unit. Follow us through the construction process.

The Final She Shed!
Ready for move in.